A Fork Saddles
 A Fork saddle with drop skirt rigging
 A Fork Roping Horn Saddle
Association Tree Saddles
 Association tree cowboy saddle
 Association Tree Saddle
Barrel Racing Saddles
 Barrel Racing Saddle- Rough out - Short Fenders
 Barrel Racing Saddle
T.M. Fork
 Low TM with Quarter Horse Bars
OY Roper Saddles
 OY Tree Roper Saddle
Will James Saddles
 Will James Saddle with duck bill horn
 Will James Saddle
Saddles for Sale
 Hard Seat Cutter Saddle
 Ranch Cutter with drop skirt rigging
 Ranch Cutter Western Saddle
 Cutter Saddle with close contact skirt
 Ranch Cutter Saddle (Horse Seat)
 Elephant Saddle
 Ranch Cutter Saddle (Hard Seat)
 Reiner Saddle (Roughout)
 Cowboy Saddle


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Rico Hilarion, Owner
Workshop: (903) 455-5309
Wholesale orders: (903) 455-5309


Rico Hilarion learned his saddle making skills from his deeply respected father-in-law, the famous saddle master, Billy Cook. Rico opened his own saddle shop in Greenville, Texas, in 1990, and his saddles today are highly sought after.

Rico Saddle Shop specializes in a wide variety of custom, hand-tooled saddles in the Western style. Ranch, barrel racing, cutting, roping, and trail saddles, made to your specifications of the highest quality materials; including, Herman Oak Leather and Bowden Brand Saddle Trees (on request).

Our prices vary based on materials and tooling style, please call, e-mail or visit our shop for a quote on a specific saddle.


Rico Hilarion, Owner


Ranch Cutter 
Barrel Racing Saddle Will James Saddle A Fork Roping Horn Saddle Association Tree Saddle Ranch Cutter Western Saddle Western Roper Saddle Cutter Western Saddle
Rico opened his own saddle shop in Greenville, Texas in 1990.